The USERS page allows you to see individual coin analytics, manually add coins to users, and delete users.



Under Purchased Items, you can see the status of the item redemptions.


Add Coins: 

Manually add coins to a user for any reason you choose.  Send a message to the user and it will appear in their notifications/email.  Coins can take a few hours to show up in the user’s block due to the synchronizing schedules of the LMS.



Redemption Requests:


The dashboard administrators that are given Redemption Request permissions can see these requests and redeem items accordingly with a congratulatory return message that can include specifics on how to claim the item.  These return messages appear as notifications/emails for the user in their LMS.


Competitive leaderboards (if available):

You can enable/disable a leaderboard for your section with an anonymous option.   BE SURE TO CLICK SAVE.