If users are not appearing on the Motrain dashboard or they are getting an error message when trying to access the Store etc.  One or more of the following issues could be the cause:

1.  Check you do not have any unwanted "spaces" in the copy/paste process from the private key to the plugin.

2.  The users assigned to the cohort/audience do not have the Mootivated user role assigned to them.  The typical process to automate this role assignment is to first create the audience, then create the section and copy/paste the private key to the plugin, and lastly add the users to that audience.  If you do it in a different order, then the role will not automatically be assigned to them.  However, the easy fix is to run the role synchronization (requires cron to run):
Once the private key is set for each audience, anytime a new user is added to the audience, they will automatically get the Mootivated user role assigned to them.

3.  If using the "Push all users" to the dashboard, that only happens when your site runs cron.  This is a Moodle/Totara site setting and/or server setting.  Ideally, it should be running every minute.  There could be a delay in when this is running.  Please note, this cron is also required for course completion coins to be awarded.