Refer a friend - Moodle and Totara Plugin Add-on

Modified on Mon, 07 Jun 2021 at 11:30 PM

Students can refer your program to their friends and earn coins for successful registrations.  Here's how it works after you've set things up (setup is below).  

1.  Student clicks on "Refer a friend" button:

2.  Student enters friends email address:

3.  Friend receives an invitation email with a special registration link:

4.  Friend registers on your site with the same email address and creates an account:

5.  Student earns coins for successful registration:

Setup Instructions:

Please follow these instructions to use this add-on:

  • Install the plugin Shortcodes
  • Install the Refer a friend Plugin Add-on
  • Create at least one referral email template for the default language en

  • Include the shortcode [coinreferafriend] in a page somewhere (ex:  In the Mootivated block in the Footer section)

Please note how the referral system works:

  • Users who can earn coins can refer friends, others won't see the referral button.
  • Admin users will always see the referral button, however, if they are not allowed to earn coins referrals won't be allowed.
  • Users can send an infinite amount of referrals unless they already received the maximum amount of coins allowed.
  • A user cannot send the referral email to the same person twice.
  • When a user refers someone who is already registered, the system will pretend that a referral email was sent as not to disclose the identity of registered users.
  • The referral link in the email must be clicked.
  • The email address of the person signing up must exactly match the one the referral was sent to.
  • When someone is referred by multiple people, the last referral link they clicked will determine who gets the reward.
  • Coins are awarded asynchronously (during cron), a delay of a few minutes may occur before coins are awarded.
  • For privacy reasons, the email addresses are not collected during referrals.

A list of the referrals sent can be viewed on this page:

Users' referral stats and overrides can be viewed and set on this page. 


1.  Can we change the message and/or language in the pop-ups?

Yes, go to:  Site administration/Language/Language customization.  Then install the language pack of your choice, then filter the strings for the Refer a friend add-on.  Edit the strings or translate them to any language.

2.  Can we change the email language and/or message?

Yes, in the Refer a friend plugin add-on, you can customize the email.  Create email templates in different languages, and those will be sent based on the language setting of the student.

3.  How do I access this Refer a friend add-on?

This plugin add-on requires an additional annual fee.  Contact us for further details.

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