Install Motrain/Mootivated on Moodle and Totara

Modified on Thu, 01 Apr 2021 at 09:09 AM

In this article, you'll learn how to install and set up Motrain/Mootivated on your Moodle site.

This Quickstart video walks you through the steps below:

1.  Install our plugin and block from Moodle:

2.  Ensure the plugin server IP is set to: (Global Server).  If you're using Mootivated, set the server IP to:  If you require an E.U. server, please contact us.


3.  Create a cohort in Moodle and a Section on the Motrain dashboard with the same name.

4.  Copy/Paste the Private Key from the Motrain Dashboard to the matching cohort in the plugin.

5.  Add users to the cohort (cohort = Section)

6.  Create a site token (watch the tutorial below) and copy it (get ready to paste it).

Under Account Settings, paste in the site token and Moodle/Totara URL to link your site.  Click Save.

7.  In the plugin, set the Reward Method to Dashboard Rules for each cohort/section.  This allows you to award coins based on the Custom completion settings.  Visit the CUSTOM tab on the Motrain dashboard to set the values.

8.  Once your site is linked, on the Motrain Dashboard, set the Custom Coin values for activity and course completion.

9.  Add items to the Store for each selected Section on the Motrain dashboard (top right dropdown).

10.  Continue adding cohorts/sections as needed.  They will each have their own unique Store.

11.  Note on Active Users:   Users in the cohort or audience linked to the Motrain dashboard with a private key will appear on the dashboard when they become active.  Users become active when they either earn coins or click on the block.  If you would like to make all of the users in the cohort/audience become active, you can push them all to the Motrain dashboard in the plugin.  Please note, active users count towards the tiered user number of your subscription.

12.  Block Setup:  To learn how to configure the block, please watch the video below.

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