Manage the coin earning rules in Thinkific

Modified on Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 04:09 PM

Please Note:   it can take a few minutes for coins to show up after a student completes a lesson or course.


We recommend you start with the default values then make any necessary changes as needed.


For the most part, the virtual coins are earned by completing lessons and courses.


The most important aspect of managing the coin economy is that you have control over TWO values.


  1. The number of coins earned for specific actions
  2. The cost of the items/actions in the Store


The Bridge is where you will set the coin values while managing the cost of the Store items/actions is done on the Motrain dashboard.  The requirements to optimize each learning environment are different, but we have set the default coin values to help you get started.




Be prepared to experiment with the completion coin values and the item costs.  The best setup depends on many factors, including the number of courses and lesson types that will be producing the coin economy.  


When making changes to the economy, it’s best to change only one thing at a time.  Either the coin values or the store prices.


IF: you have a FEW courses, it’s best to offer many lesson types in order for the coin economy to be large.  Consider increasing the coin values in the bridge.


IF:  you have MANY courses, you may want to decrease the coin values for lesson completions and rely more on course completion coin values.


As a content expert, try and align the educational value of a particular lesson type with a corresponding coin value.  In some cases, it may be best to set certain lesson type values to zero.

To create a branded Store and currency, please refer to our article on adding branding.

Custom Coin Settings

On Premium Plans and above, you can override the site-wide coin earning values:

When using the overrides, you can set the coin earning values for completing specific courses and lessons. For instance, you may set your free courses to zero (or low value) coins to encourage those students to purchase other courses.

For longer or more challenging lessons or courses, you may want to offer more coins. For shorter or easier courses, you may want to offer fewer coins.

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