First, your Moodle/Totara site must be linked via the URL and site token for this feature to work.  To learn how to do this, go to Step #6 in our documentation on installing Motrain or contact your hosting partner for help.

Next, be sure to turn completion tracking on for the course (Course Administration > Edit Course Settings > Completion Tracking > Yes), then customize the coin values if needed.  We have provided you with default settings and recommend you start by just using the Global settings.  Once you get a feel for the economy, then perhaps consider Course overrides.  

Under Global settings, set the default coin values for all course completion and activity type completion on your Moodle or Totara site.

Under Course overrides, set the coin values specific to a course.   You can add a course and customize the coin value for completing it and customize the coin values for specific activity completion within the course.  These coin values override the Global settings.

Under Coin Settings you can customize the coin icon and name in the block.