Sections allow you to display unique stores to different groups of users.  If the shipping redemption method is enabled on your account, enter the email addresses of the recipients who will receive the shipping information on a daily basis.  You can enter multiple email addresses separated by a semicolon (;) or comma (,).

For Moodle and Totara clients, you'll need to create cohorts/audiences and a corresponding section on the Motrain dashboard.  Then copy the Private Key and paste it into the Moodle/Totara plugin.  This tells the plugin which store to display to the user.  For more information on the setup, please visit this page.


  • A user can only belong to one section at a time
  • Thinkific does not currently support MULTIPLE sections

Collaborative Leaderboard (if available):

Enabling the section leaderboard will display the collective coin earnings for each section and rank them on a leaderboard.  You can hide this type of leaderboard by disabling it.  You can make this leaderboard anonymous and display relative positions only.  Be sure to click SAVE when you make any changes.