Individual and Team Leaderboards

Modified on Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 03:40 PM

Looking to spice up the competition?  Try using the leaderboards to add another layer of engagement.  The leaderboards are a sum of coins the user or team has collected.  The leaderboard numbers will only go up and not be affected by any user purchases in the store.

Individual leaderboard (Competitive)

Users compete with other users for collecting the highest number of coins.  To enable it, go to the USERS tab=>Leaderboards:

User view:

Team leaderboard (Collaborative)

Users collectively earn coins for their Team and compete with other Teams for collecting the highest number of coins.  To enable it, go to the SECTIONS tab=>Leaderboards:

User view:

You can ENABLE or DISABLE either or both leaderboards.  You can also make them ANONYMOUS which displays the user/team name but hides the names of the other participants.  You may use this for protecting privacy and/or only showing the relative position of the user.

Be sure to click SAVE

Resetting the Leaderboard

It's important to think of the emotional impact leaderboards can have.  If new users are competing with established users, it may be difficult for them to compete or catch up.  It's a good idea to reset the leaderboards to zero on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  The users will maintain their coin earnings in their wallet, but every user/team will have their leaderboard value reset to zero.

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